African Human Development Centre is a non-governmental/non-profit research and development organization founded in 2004 as Global Wealth. The organization has been actively involved in the development of communities by mobilizing the power of the people against poverty.

AHDC works to find practical and innovative ways for people to lift themselves out of poverty as well as engaging the communities in all of its programs. Its presence has been established in 20 communities in Nigeria. AHDC has enjoyed harmonious relationship with its funders and donors including ActionAID, WEWE, MHS etc.


The vision of AHDC is to see a society free of poverty, marginalization and exclusion.


The mission of African Human Development Centre (AHDC) is to promote political and socio-economic development of women, children and people living with disabilities through advocacy, capacity building and model service delivery.


    The objectives of AHDC are to:

  • 1. Carry out activities and programs that will promote human development,
  • 2. Carry out activities to promote good governance and rural community development,
  • 3. Promote attainment of the rights of women, children, people living with disability and other vulnerable groups,
  • 4. Promote sustainable development in communities through modeling service delivery and
  • 5. Create awareness and assist people on health(including HIV/AIDS) and environmental problems that may impede human development.


    The core values of AHDC are:

  • 1. Transparency
  • 2. Integrity
  • 3.Equity
  • 4. Hard work.

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