African Human Development Centre BLOGS African Human Development Centre supports Akwa Ibom Rural and Vulnerable Households during COVID-19 Pandemic.

African Human Development Centre supports Akwa Ibom Rural and Vulnerable Households during COVID-19 Pandemic.

Prof. Gabriel Umoh, CEO AHDC handing over palliative to beneficiaries in Ndon Utim community

African Human Development Centre (AHDC) in collaboration with ActionAid Nigeria on Thursday 14th May, 2020 distributed food items to 230 poor and vulnerable households in 5 rural communities of Akwa Ibom State namely; Ikot Mfon. Ikot Umiang Ede, Ndon Utim in Etinan Local Government Area, Ikot Akama in Oruk Anam Local Government Area, and Ikot Unya in Mkpat Enin Local Government Area.
This was activity carried out as part of the organization initiative to respond to emergency situation such as the COVID-19 pandemic to cushion the effect of hunger as a result of the lockdown which has adversely impacted on the livelihoods and income of the poor in hard to reach communities.
The Founder and Chief Executive Officer of AHDC Prof. Gabriel Umoh handed over the palliative packages containing food items rice, beans, vegetable oil and noodles to the beneficiaries to support them survive through the period of the lockdown. He also used the occasion to sensitize them on the need to observe COVID-19 preventive measures such as regular washing of hands, use of face mask, and social distancing as communicated by the organization’s community facilitators during the outreach campaigns. The beneficiaries were mainly widows, persons with special needs, the aged and poor families with little or no source of income.
To 32 year old beneficiary from Ndon Utim community Imabong Udeme;
“This is the first time I have benefited from an intervention that will give me relief for a long time. All through the period of the lockdown, the price of things went up, I could not afford to buy a cup of rice for N150 as it being sold now, I and my family were virtually staving and hunger was biting us every day; my children kept crying for food but I could not help much all I could afford was some grains of garri (cassava flour) which I made from my farm. I am overwhelmed by this kind of package I received today from actionaid because I never expected it. This food item will go a very long way to relief my family from hunger and we are going to eat the kind of food we have not tasted for a long time in my family. Thank you AHDC.

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